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Unexpected meeting

The world of Faerlin. Our adventure starts in the city of Arran, capital city of Arrandur. The country and city named after the legendary hero, Arran Draconis, slayer of Dragons in the War of Ages some 3000 years ago. The city is a bustling metropolis, although the country is inhabited mainly by humans and dwarfs, the capital is trading hub, attracting all sorts to its markets. A major river runs through its centre, The Tranbor, which divides to flow around the central Palace. The royal family have reigned in Arrandur for some 2000 years. They maintain law and order through the country, and are well loved by the people. This year sees the 50th Anniversary of King Fennris J’Thar on the throne. A year of celebrations is coming to its conclusion in a few days time, with a parade through the city, finishing in the Palace gardens, where the King will address the many nobles and foreign dignitaries from far off lands.
The market aromas are a sweet collection of fresh fruits and fried food, mixed with the sweat and stale beer pouring from the many inns lining the streets. Stalls line the market selling everything from fine jewellery and cloths to fried rat on a stick.

Persephone awakens in The Grinning Cleric, to discover a note has been pushed under her door. Reading the note she discovers a man named Jakis has requested she come meet with him that afternoon. Also contained within the note we’re some details relating to her past. Wanting to keep these details secret she burns the note, and slips out of the inn without paying. She steals some breakfast from the markets before heading to the inn.

Rowan awakens at The Queensland Inn to discover he too has a similar note. Rowan pays for his room before making his way out to the meeting, picking up a delicious rat on a stick for breakfast he wanders to find the inn.

Narathui wakens at the Rusty Blade and, surprise surprise a note has been left for him. He worries about who it is that has left him the note and how/what they know about his past. He stows the note and wanders into the city. He seeks out a cartographer, unfortunately he has no world maps, but is able to show him a map if the city. Unwilling to purchase the map, Narathui attempts to commit the map to memory. He asks directions of the inn, and heads off. On arriving at the inn he finds a suitable hiding space across the road with a good vantage point of the inn, he sits, and waits.

A few persons come and go, but none of particular interest. Just before midday however a short stocky dwarf, ragged hair and rough leathers wanders in to the inn. Rowan takes a seat at the bar, orders a drink and idly chats to the bar keep. Minutes later a hooded character, possibly a half elf walks up to the bar, Narathui can’t help but notice her eyes darting here and there, almost on edge. Persephone enters the bar, and with few people present takes a seat next to Rowan. Rowan attempts what looks like a primitive form of flirting, but his bashful style does little to impress Persephone.
Midday comes and goes with no sign of the mysterious Jakis. Rowan and Persephone continue to engage in idle chitchat. Narathui waits.
A shrill cry echoes down the stairs, followed shortly after by a serving girl. ‘Oh, oh, Jakis was such a nice fellow, so much blood, so much…’ The innkeeper dashes up the stairs before returning running full pelt at the door. ‘Watch the bar, I’m going for the watch’ he shouts as he exits onto the street.
Their interest peaked, Rowan and Persephone both venture up the stairs. They open the door to see a man slumped over a desk, an obvious dagger wound in his back. Persephone proceeds to search his body, but finds his pockets and coin purse empty. Rowan spots a short stick that seems to be calling out to him, wedged under the desk. On picking it up the wood begins to glow, a deep red burning colour as if it were a fire raging in the centre. The hand holding the stick begins to change, thick fur sprouting, claws emerging from his fingers. The fur erupts in a wave down his arm, and engulfs his whole body, his face an ever changing amalgamation of teeth, tusks and fangs, claws and wings whirl around him. Just as quickly as it had started it ceased. Persephone looks on, her face a mix of horror an intrigue.
Meanwhile Narathui has witnessed a clearly distressed inn keeper running from his establishment and decides to investigate. On entering he hears some commotion upstairs.
A crossbow bolt flies through window, narrowly missing Rowan, the window glass shattering onto the floor. Persephone and Rowan duck by the window an try to see what is happening. As they glance through the window a second bolt flies past, ending in the corridor. They manage to see a hooded figure jump out of a window across the street an start to run. Persephone jumps out of the window in pursuit whilst Rowan decides to take the stairs. He dashes past a slightly bewildered Narathui as he bolts out the door.
Narathui enters the room to see a dead body, crossbow bolts and broken glass strewn across the floor. With no obvious answers to be seen in the room he turns to follow the dwarf.
Rowan and Persephone run full tilt after the hooded figure. The short stocky dwarf blazes a trail of destruction through the market, fruit and wares flying in all directions as he barrels through. An easy path for Narathui to follow. They spot the assailant turn down and ally and decide to follow. Unfortunately they walk right into am bush and are immediately pinned down by two archers and their initial assailant. Narathui follows into the alley, a fast and furious fight ensues, Rowan morphing in a fearsome bear, Narathui throwing flaming daggers and bottles of healing liquid around and Persephone circling and stabbing her enemies in the back.
Before the group could eliminate the last drow assassin, the city guard arrive, slay him, and bring the group together.
The Captain assesses the situation, and comes to the conclusion the group have done the city a service. But is worried about the fact that drow are present in his city. But with the festivities nearing he has not the time nor the man power to investigate. He enlists the group to follow up on why the drow were trying to kill them. And to come to him with any information. He gives the group a Royal Pin badge before leaving, so others will know they are acting on Royal orders.
Searching the drow Narathui discovers a couple of notes, one ordering the killing of Jakis and anyone contacting him. The other appears to have been written by Jakis himself.
‘They have come for me, I have been found. I plan to leave for safety immediately, but have left all you need. The key is written..’

The group part ways, but end up returning to the Inn on their own accord. On inspection of the desk Narathui discovers some paper drenched in Jakis blood, there some ink has appeared, becoming visible. Rowan enters the room, and walks over a distinctive floorboard covered in Runes. The team eventually discover that there was hidden ink on the notes they had been sent, on each letter was a pair of letters. It is at this point Persephone sheepishly admits having burned her letter. They figure out the letters (with two missing) are an anagram of Fire Key. Using fire on the runes the floorboard pops open to reveal a box of trinkets and a letter from Jakis.

“My friends, I fear that if you are reading this I have been murdered, most likely by a skeeving drow. I implore you to heed my words, for your actions may change the fate of many. I am Jakis, Member of the Order of Draconis, and have been watching you for some time. Fate has forced my hand before you are ready however, and I need your help. Rumors and hear’say led me to Ironforge a month ago, where I discovered a drow plot. What it is I do not know, but I have been tracking a small contingent of them, to a tower a day’s ride south. Their presence here cannot be coincidence. We must uncover their plot, I fear they are aiming for Arrandur.
A friend of mine, Fenris, will be on the lookout for you, hopefully he can explain more about why you have been selected. Though if you are reading this letter, it is doubtful he will show while the drow pose a threat. As a gesture of our goodwill to you, you should find some useful trinkets along with this letter, and if you are who I think you are, the Totem should prove useful!
Good speed my friends and do not falter.”


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