Lower ranking member of the Order of Draconis


Race: Human
Appearance: Young, mid 30s. Brown hair, 5’10", medium build.
Nature: Friendly, Cautious
Status: Deceased


Jakis was a member of the Order of Draconis, charged by the Order’s leaders to follow up on rumors and hearsay, he found himself in the capital city of Arrandur, Arran.

On his arrival in the town he was given orders to recruit three potential candidates. He was not given a reason, just some information on each to ensure they would attend.

He was to enlist their help in flushing out the drow he had tracked from Ironforge. This would serve two purposes, the first to prevent whatever scheme the Drow had in place, The second, to test the new potential recruits, to see if they were who the Order believed them to be.

Before the potential recruits could meet Jakis however he was murdered by a Drow scout. However he left the group a coded message, which on being solved would lead to a letter explaining the situation, imploring them to carry out the excision of the Drow, and that a fellow OoD member, Fenris, would be in touch with them after their mission was completed.


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